Testimonials: What my clients say…


I have been meaning to reach out for a month or so.  It took about six weeks of follow up but the RTT session I did has had an incredible impact on my anxiety levels and life. 

I’ve found it helpful to keep up a few simple daily practices on the side – guided meditation and journaling – but the RTT was definitely a platform for prolonged significant change. 

Thank you very much!


I’ve improved significantly….I got my first full night of sleep this week – didn’t wake up once all night until my alarm!!

I can fall asleep on my own sometimes which was unimaginable and I usually fall back asleep when I wake up at night.

You’ve literally saved my life!!! That’s what I tell everyone. Thanks again


Alcohol Issues

7 months ago I went to see Yolande after realising that my life had become a scary dichotomy of a health freak by day and alcohol guzzler by night. Repeated attempts to quit drinking were futile. And  not meeting the typical criteria for alcoholism meant options for appropriate help were not available in Nairobi.

Yolande went beyond my expectations. We had a total of three sessions. One with me scared out of my mind but desperate to understand why I was so dependent on alcohol. The second Yolande explained the hypnotherapy and CBT interventions that I would undergo. And finally on 22.1.2018…..Freedom!!

I have drank twice in the past 7 months. And with the deep understanding of why I was so dependent on alcohol, feel that I will give it up entirely. I have deeper connections with my husband and children now and live a much more fulfilled and clear life.



Dream Job

Last week I got contacted by a firm with an offer.  This is exactly the kind of job that I had always wanted, but felt was not within my reach.  I am really surprised because it has not even been three months since I had the session with you and my life has changed so drastically and rapidly.  I have also managed to heal my relationships with my family.  So I am doing and feeling really great.  So I wanted to say thank you for everything. I truly appreciate the help you’ve given me.



I am more confident and feel that I am capable of achieving anything. I am more focussed and opportunity is presenting itself. I will be closing deals very shortly. I AM UNSTOPPABLE is what I feel. My energy levels are higher and I am not occupying my mind with what others think as much as I used to. In short I love the new me. Thank you so much Yolande



Finding Yolande and RTT Therapy was quite simply a life saver and changer for me. One session resulted in a total turnabout in my attitude to life, I found the strength to cope with challenges again, find the positives in each day and regain my self confidence and sense of worth.

Restoring my own happiness and sense of equilibrium made me realise just how long I had been battling to maintain the cheerful façade for my family and friends. Feeling lighter and more positive has made my relationships at home and at work much easier and I really enjoy and treasure time spent with family and friends again.

Finally, the support offered by the recording and the knowledge that Yolande is there at the end of the phone should I have a bad day, week or month is phenomenal.   I would not hesitate to recommend Yolande to anyone who is facing problems in their lives; RTT only takes an hour or so and you know within weeks if it is working for you, worth a try even if you are not 100% sold on the idea, as I felt, what do you have to lose by trying it?

Kerry Outram

Putting the puzzle together

Chronic Pain

Yolande has been absolutely marvellous on every occasion that we have visited her. Firstly, I took my 15 year old daughter who sustained a shoulder injury 2 years ago when a metal netball post fell out of the ground during the rainy season in April 2015. Alough initially cleared by doctors, weeks later, an MRI showed a fractured shoulder and two pro-lapsed discs in her neck.

Thus, followed months of pain management. January 2017 saw a hideous term for my daughter with chronic pain an inability to manage daily school life without a very heavy course of pain killers, resulting in tiredness and many, many hours of missed school. Finally, in April 2017, we took her to Yolande.

After one session on the Monday, she felt greatly encouraged. By Wednesday she was dropping to a half dose of pain killers that she had been taking since January. And by Saturday of the same week, she was pain free. Yolande’s calming voice during the session, followed up by religiously listening to the recording every day, resulted in full recovery.

The dark shadows quickly disappeared as my daughter was able to relax, continue her normal life without pain, and even sleep better, as well as returning to her normal daily school life. What’s more is she is back to doing her Duke of Edinburgh awards and even went on a trekking trip to the Himalayas, all of which seemed impossible in the earlier part of the year.

To add to this, my son has a phobia of injections, and in one session Yolande got rid of his phobia and he has now successfully had an injection. I have recommended Yolande to two close friends, for completely different reasons. Both feel that she has helped enormously, with a repeat/follow up visit being not only necessary but extremely advantageous.

I would highly recommend Yolande to anyone as her understanding, compassionate and gentle nature with very calming influence has proved hugely successful to all of us.


Finding myself

I reached out to Yolande at a time I was finding it difficult to fit into a new job, largely due to very low self-esteem and self-confidence, an issue I attributed to challenges in articulating myself.  Prior to working with Yolande, I had worked with a couple of other therapists during the year, with mixed results.  A week following the first session and listening daily to the hypnosis recording, I started to notice shifts on how I felt.  I have had 2 other follow-up sessions since and I am totally amazed at my transformation.  Here’s a summary of some things that have changed 3 months into RTT:

  • I am less self-conscious and less concerned about other people’s opinions of me. I am growing more confident day by day
  • The fear of speaking up is now almost a thing of the past, my ability to express myself articulately has improved significantly
  • I am finding it easy and enjoyable to attend social functions and to interact with other people.
  • I am enjoying my work more than I previously did
  • I started to feel comfortable celebrating my successes – whether small or big

Above all I have made and continue to make peace with my past, which had greatly affected my life.

Yolande, thanks for all your support and understanding.  Thanks to you, I now have a new lease of a full, enjoyable and fun-filled life.


Back on track

Hello, it’s been about a year since I came to see you and I just want to thank you for the help and advice you gave me.  I am doing better now and I have a new job.  Generally my mental health has improved, my stomach is no longer tight/clenched all the time in anxiety like before and I know exactly how to calm myself down when stressed or under pressure.  I don’t let anyone shout at me and stuff.  I still listen to the recording as often as I can and I still have a bit of a way to go.  For now however, I’m ok.  I am happy with how far I have come, thank you.


Learning to Love Myself

Yolande has touched my life in many more ways than I can yet quantify.  She is the beam of light that shined me out of a galactic funk and onto the terrifically intense highway of  love and compassion. The magnitude of Yolande’s work cannot accurately be described.  It must be felt at a cellular level, like I did and continue to do.



It is not easy to express it on this platform but thank you so much for pulling me out of myself. I am just back from my 4 day meeting. I didn’t make a speech but I decided just to talk! 

I had a clarity of mind, coherence and confidence that I still don’t believe it was me talking.

Thank you may not be enough words to express my gratitude for changing my life – I will be forever grateful to you.



Chronic illness

One session of Rapid Transformational Therapy gave me  more insight into the roots of my neuroses and the path I need to walk to heal than anything I have done before.


Better Sex

The mere thought of something entering that part of my body would make me cringe. I could feel the pain in my mind. Sex had always been a problem. It was very painful to me. We suffered emotionally.

Then I decided to visit Therapy Kenya. Yolande was very kind to me. She very accurately and quickly located where my problem was. I can never thank you enough, Yolande, for the much time you spent with me. After the session I felt different, like I had removed some load that I had unknowingly been carrying for ages.

And from then onwards, I made great progress every single day. And now I can enjoy sex with my partner, we are very excited.

I am truly amazed at how our bodies respond to our minds, how the mind and body can quickly make the shift and make a whole difference in one’s life.  

All thanks to Yolande. You are amazing and such a great blessing to this world. Whenever, I say my gratitude, you are one of the people I am grateful for. Every day.


Anger Management

Until I saw Yolande I didn’t realise just how angry I was getting at work from just the slightest provocation.  Since the session I am getting calm every day, I am able to work less and more importantly I am enjoying my sleep.




I found hypnosis a less stressful way of dealing with problems than normal therapy. It taught me to love, appreciate and find myself.  The session I had taught me I am enough and has given me confidence in all I do.



Mixed up


When I first learned about RTT,  I thought it would be perfect to help me with a similar issue.  The session was eye-opening, and literally mind-boggling!  Yolande was able to get me to access the source of my pain and get to the root cause of my phobias in just one session.  Over the last few weeks I have experienced a better ability to cope with my pain and phobias and I now look forward to a time when I can be totally free of pain and anxiety.  Thank you Yolande for starting me on a process of self understanding and self love.

M. M.

Winning a promotion

Following the coaching sessions I had, I now have such a clear path for my career.  I have already been promoted and I have the confidence and ambition to go even further. I have a clear vision and goal, but most of all I have the self-believe now, so I know that I can achieve it.